Custom Dog Beds for Dog Friendly Offices

So you have a dog friendly office? That’s fabulous. It has been shown over and over again that there are many many benefits of such offices, including increased productivity and heightened morale amongst employees.

Now here’s a thought – why not introduce some awesome custom dog beds into your office, complete with your company’s logo printed on them? You can even personalize particular dog beds with each dog’s name and/or photo if you have regular canine officemates or company mascots :-). Or, you could just have a few of them strewn around the office for general purpose use by any pooches that may show up.

Trust us – your canine and human colleagues will all be delighted with these comfy dog beds. And nothing says company branding and dog-friendly office more than custom logo-printed doggy beds! If this sounds interesting, contact uswe will do a few complimentary mockups of possible designs using your company’s logo, and we’ll work with you to finalize one that you love. It’ll be super painless for you – promise. And you’ll be the star of your office with this addition for sure!