Large Dog Beds

If you have a large-sized dog, you are probably particularly careful about buying a bed for him or her. Surely you’ve seen those beds for large dogs (supposedly), that turn out to be tiny little things which your dog looks at with disdain.

Examples of popular large dogs include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Boxers and Rottweilers, to name just a few. There are of course many many more large dogs, including mixes.

That is simply not the case here. Our largest size beds are 40″x50″, so it is a very spacious fit for most pooches, even for extra-large dogs. You will find that many places sell dog beds that are 36″x54″ for large dogs, while others offer beds that are 36″x52″. Those sizes however, allow the dog to stretch out comfortably in only one direction, and give very little room in the other direction. Unlike humans, dogs really cannot differentiate between the length and width of a bed, and sleep in the “correct” direction all the time! The dimensions of our beds reduce the difference between the length and width of the bed, while still not making the bed unnecessarily huge and cumbersome. The 40″ by 50″ size works really well for most large dogs, and gives them a little flexibility about which direction to stretch out in.

A few more details about this bed for your large dog:

We offer two types of beds – a soft fleece one which is best suited for indoor use, and a rugged water-resistant one, which is great for outdoor use. The indoor one will have your photo on printed on fleece on the top, and it has a dark brown cotton duck bottom. The outdoor one will have your photo printed on a water resistant polyester top, and it has a black waterproof cotton duck bottom. Both these beds have polyester fill bun inserts, and have a zippered outside cover which is machine washable.

So are you ready to get your big dog a comfy bed?