Custom Dog Beds



Custom dog beds that have everyone asking: “Where did you get that from?”

We dog owners LOVE our dogs. Our furry best friends are integral members of our family. So just like for the rest of our family, we want to get gifts for our dogs — gifts that will make them feel loved, warm and special. (If you are looking for some high-tech dog products as gifts, check out these reviews of cool dog products on the TipTopDogz site. But if you are looking for personalized, snuggly gifts that your pooch will love, you are at the right place.)

That’s why Dogs-n-u gives you an opportunity to create custom dog beds. Imagine making a plush fleece bed for your dog with his or her photo on it. It’s customized, and completely personal to your dog.

Our prices are super reasonable, and you’ll get one of our totally unique dog beds for less than you would think:


Size Price
Small bed 18″ x 28″ From $55
Medium bed 30″ x 40″ From $80
Large bed 40″ x 50″ From $130


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Maybe you just want a beautiful background that matches the decor of your bedroom, and add your pooch’s name on to it. Or perhaps you are looking for a sturdy waterproof dog bed that you can throw down in the backyard, so that your canine companion can hang out with the rest of the family when you are chilling out there.

Maybe your dog is a large sized one, and you are looking for a cushion on which he or she can stretch out comfortably. Or possibly you are looking for a smaller bed for your little pooch.

Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it here. You can look for pet beds based on the size or breed of your pet, based on your intended use, or customize it completely based on your room decor.


Why should you get a Dogs-n-u bed?

You can make it look exactly like you want — really.

Have you ever seen a bed for a dog with a photo on it? Probably not. This is something really unusual, unique and classy.

Having a photo of your dog on it is one great option. After all, your dog is most certainly one of the cutest beings on planet earth, at least in your totally unbiased opinion, right? And what better way to identify to the world that this is your furry best friend’s furniture?

But remember, this is certainly not your only option. Some other popular options include using a photo from a vacation. It may be the whole family having fun, or it may just be some place you have a particularly fond memory of.

Another option is to use a photo of your dog’s favorite place — the beach, a favorite park, even just some grass. It makes for an unusual and one-of-a-kind dog bed that can start many a conversation.

Yet another choice is to use a specific background or stock photo that you may love. We have provided plenty of options of images you can use. Remember, you can also pick something that goes particularly well with the decor of the room in which you are planning to put the cushion. We’ll let you in on a secret — here’s something that is just brilliant – take a nice photo of the fabric of your couch or bedspread or drapes – you get the idea – and then use that image to create your own dog bed. Now that’s real fancy and very interior-designer like, don’t you think? All your friends are going to be like — how in the world did you manage to get one of those custom dog beds?

And to top it all, you can choose any of these above options and add some text on to it. For example, you can add your dog’s name on. You can see an example of this in the purple dog bed above.

It’s super easy to maintain.

This is something that is not just a show-piece, but rather something that is going to be regularly used by your furry buddy. So let’s face it – it’s going to get dirty. Dogs-n-u beds all have a machine-washable zippered cover with a plush insert. So you can remove the cover and wash your cool dog beds easily.

It’s available in different sizes.

Large dog, medium dog, small dog — we have perfect sizes for all of them. You can search for the bed you need by size or by the breed of your dog, so that you end up with a perfect pet bed. And even if you are look for a custom cat bed, we have the purrfect bed for you – the small size should work fine!

Your pet will love it!

Our beds are super comfortable and your furry companions will love sleeping on this snuggly and plush pet bed.

So get started with creating one of our cool dog beds! Just upload your image above.