Beagle Bed

dog bed for beaglesCreate adorable dog beds for your Beagle! You can put on any photo of your choosing, and text on it too if you would like.

A bit about Beagles:

A Beagle is considered a small to medium sized dog. They are a sturdy breed, and are extremely popular as pets, both because of their temperament and size. They have a fun nature, an even temper, and are very smart. Beagles are scent hounds, and have an extremely well-developed sense of smell.For this reason, they are often used as sniffing dogs in airports etc. The flip side of their keen noses is that proud Beagle parents may need to watch out for Beagles who may wander off while following an interesting smell!


Here are some more details below for your quick reference - you will see this information again when you upload your image to get started.

Start Here:

A Beagle is a not a large dog, so a medium or small bed should is what we’d suggest.