Boxer Bed

dog beds for boxers

Create gorgeous beds for your Boxer, with a photo on it! Your buddy will thank you for the comfort.


A little about Boxers:

Boxers are part of the working group, and are considered mid-sized to large dogs. Their coat is made up of very short hair, which makes grooming them very easy. They are high energy and fun-loving. Boxers have been very popular, and are currently one of the top ten most popular breeds in the U.S. This breed originated in Germany.


Here are some more details below for your quick reference - you will see this information again when you upload your image to get started.

Start Here:

Boxers range in height from 21–24 inches for females, and 22–25 inches for males. So depending on the size of your Boxer, we would suggest the large sized or medium bed.

Our medium beds are 30 inches by 40 inches in size, and are around $80. Our large beds are 40 inches by 50 inches in size and cost around $130.