Husky Bed

dog bed for siberian huskyA dog bed for your Siberian Husky with a photo on it – how cool is that? Both indoor use beds and outdoor use (waterproof beds) are available.

A bit about Huskies:

The Siberian Husky, as the name suggests, originates from Siberia. This dog belongs to the working group, and is generally considered medium sized. The females range from 20–22 inches, while the males range from 21–24 inches in height.

Huskies are often used as fast sled dogs in snowy places. They can withstand severely cold weather. The breed is very energetic as well as athletic. Huskies can be quite mischievous in nature.


Start Here:

Our medium-sized beds (30″x40″) or our large beds (40″x50″) could work for you. Consider both the size of your specific Husky, as well as the size of the space in which you are planning to keep the bed, to determine which one is most appropriate for your particular situation.