By Size

Are you looking to choose your dog bed based on the size of your dog?

Many dog-owners, especially those with large dogs, are frustrated by the inability to find comfortable and spacious beds for their dogs. After all, every dog should be able sprawl comfortably across his or her bed, and not have half the body hanging off the edge, regardless of how large the dog may be.

On the other hand, if your dog is much smaller in size, you really don’t need to have a bed triple the dog’s size blocking up half your family room.

So the size of your pet is indeed a very important consideration in selecting a bed for him or her.

Doctors Fosters & Smith provide a guideline about how to pick an appropriate bed for your pet based on his or her size. They recommend that you measure your pet when he or she is sleeping. Then add 12 inches to the measure to obtain the length of the bed.

Click here if you have a large dog.

Click here if you have a medium-sized dog.

Click here if you have a small dog.

If you don’t want to measure your pet, or your pet isn’t with you when you are buying it, then you may want to get a bed based on the breed of your dog instead.


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