Indoor Washable Dog Bed

Where are you going to put your dog’s new bed? Think about that carefully now, before you order it, so that you get one that will match your needs and decor perfectly . Our dog beds are completely personalized with any photo you want to put on it, with or without text on top. So you can match the decor or any room, or put your best buddy’s photo on it — the possibilities are endless.



The master bedroom

Many pets sleep in the master bedroom with their “moms” and/or “dads”. Therefore, it follows that one of the most common locations of dog beds is in the master bedroom – at the foot of the bed, in the corner, or by the fireplace.

Hot tip: Consider taking a photo of the bedspread and using that as the base for your doggy’s bed. You can then add on his or her name on top (see instructions below), and there you have it – a designer bed made specially for your room!

The family room

Another popular location for the pet bed is the family room. Many pets sleep there at night, and even if not, they often spend a large portion of the day there with their families. Most of our pooches like nothing better than spending quality time right where the family is gathered.

So if you are thinking of putting the dog cushion in the family room, check out our hot tip below:

Hot tip: Take a picture of the drapes in your family room, or even your walls (especially if you have colored ones). Use that photo to create the bed, possibly with your dog’s name on top, and you’ll have everyone oohing and aahing over the new addition to your family room.

The kids’ room

If you are going to put the bed in the kids’ room, the two most popular ideas are either to have a beautiful photo of the dog alone, or the dog with the kids, on the bed. You could of course, also use a photo of the theme of your kids’ room if there is one.

The kitchen

Finally, some people like to put the dog bed in the kitchen – dogs make great company when you are bustling around in the kitchen, cooking or just doing chores. If so, a kitchen-typed theme, such as a photo with fruits or vegetables makes the kitchen look fresh and lively.


Of course, regardless of where in the house you put the dog bed, it has to be washable. The dog sheds, has muddy paws, or just whatever — after a while, you need to wash the bed. All of our beds are washable – the outer cover is zippered and it can simply be removed and washed in the machine in cold water, and then tumble dried on low after that. Voila! You have a fresh, clean and sweet smelling dog bed all over again.

Our indoor dog bed has a fleece top on which the photo will be printed, and the bottom is made of dark brown cotton duck.

Who wants a regular old dog bed when you could get a custom photo dog bed?

Go for it now. Start by uploading your image above.