Outdoor WaterProof Washable Dog Bed

So you are planning to use your dog bed outdoors. Then you must make sure of a couple of things:

Your dog bed must be waterproof.

If it’s going to be anywhere outdoors, it’s got to be waterproof. That’s colloquially speaking. Strictly speaking, it’s got to be water resistant. After all, it’s not going to be submerged underwater for any length of time or anything, it’s jsut that you don’t want it to get soggy and rot once it rains. And that is really important.  For one thing, it may be exposed to the rain if it is in an unsheltered area. Second, even if it is in a sheltered area like a porch or a dog house, there will still be stray raindrops and moisture. If it’s on grass, dew drops will create moisture. It may even be subjected to some accidental exposure to sprinklers! And if you keep it be the poolside or something, some water from there may splash on to it.

In short, you need a bed that is highly water resistant.

Your pet bed must be washable.

Even a pet bed that stays indoors needs to be washed from time to time, but for an outdoor one, washability is even more critical! Imagine your doggy running up with muddy paws and plonking on the bed!

Our beds come with a zippered cover. Simply unzip the cover and take out the cushion insert, and throw the cover in the washing machine – how simple is that?! It has pretty standard instructions – wash it in cold water, and tumble dry on low heat. Do not add bleach.


Our outdoor pet beds are both waterproof and washable. The zippered cover has a polyester top which is water resistant, and a cotton duck black colored waterproof bottom.  Inside, there is a polyester bun.

The best thing is that you can put your own photos on the bed!! It will one of the most unique and noticeable things you have.

Why get an ordinary dog bed when you can get a personalized photo bed which is water resistant and washable? Get started now.

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