Small Dog Beds

There are many many reasons why people love small dogs. They are portable, easy to clean up after, inexpensive to feed, and above all, really cute! So if you have one of these tiny canine companions, you surely want to take great care of them. And just like good sleep is important for us humans, it is really important for our pooches as well. And good sleep begins with a great dog bed.

Yorkshire Terriers, Shih Tzus, and Pomeranians are just a few examples of small dog breeds which are very popular. If you want to search more specifically by breed, click here.

18″x28″ is the size of our small bed, so it’s perfect for most small dogs. The 28″ length ensures that the bed is not too tiny for your dog. Sometimes a breed with a very small standard size grows just a little larger than expected. To account for such cases, we’ve given just a few inches more on one of the dimensions. Yet, we’ve made sure to keep the overall size of this cushion very compact – after all, if you have a small dog, you really don’t need a massive dog bed crowding up your home!

Some details about this small dog bed:

Would you like a soft fleece bed to add to your room decor? Or are you looking for something on which your buddy can sleep when you are outdoors?  Both have a polyester fill bun inside a machine washable zippered cover.  The indoor bed will have your photo printed on fleece, and a dark brown cotton bottom. The outdoor bed comes with a water resistant polyester top on which your photo will be printed, and a waterproof, black bottom.

Ready to go?